What to Wear

Our equipment guide for what to wear when attending Sweet Lamb DRE Academy.

While the terrain of Sweet Lamb is beautiful, it can be unforgiving and must be respected. Rider safety is paramount at Sweet Lamb. Please read the following equipment requirements, if there is anything you are unsure about please contact us ahead of your ride. Attendance on the day with insufficient equipment will result in you not being able to ride.


Open face/half helmets are not permitted. They do not provide the rider with the sufficient protection for off road riding.

Full face helmets are required with either a visor or additional eye protection.

Body Protection

Armoured jacket is recommended with additional body armour to protect back, shoulder and elbows. Knee guards or braces are also required.

Riders with insufficient body protection will not be permitted to ride.


Cordura trousers are the minimum requirement to ride. Jeans, jogging bottoms, shorts or any other light trouser will not be acceptable and riders will not be permitted to ride.


Rigid water proof boots are recommended. Soft boots, hiking boots, trainers etc will not provide the required level of protection and riders will not be allowed to ride.


Gloves are required to ride at Sweet lamb. We recommend bringing a spare pair of gloves to ensure you have a dry pair at hand, especially across our 2 days courses.


The weather conditions at Sweet Lamb are changeable, and such it is highly recommended that you pack waterproofs.


Staying hydrated during your stay at Sweet Lamb is very important. Hydration is important for maintaining both your physical and mental capacity.

The course doesn’t include Riding Apparel rental.

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